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Empty Your Chalice

Taste a Miracle

Exclusive Healing, Exorcism, & Training

"I have tried and done everything possible"

I hear this from many clients...

You may have seen countless specialists...

Including many doctors, gurus, & healers...

Yet you are still experiencing the same issues...

Discover the secrets of the magi to purify energy..

Unlock your results & awaken the Divinity within...

From breakdown to breakthrough...

Lets manifest a miracle...


What do others say about Dr Chamuel?

About Section

Who is Dr Chamuel?

​Imagine rejuvenating your life and reversing your age; looking younger, feeling energetic, and holistically healthier and wealthier than ever before. Experience life as its meant to be; joyful, full of laughter, community, and love.

Over the past 33+ years, world renown healer and exorcist Dr Chamuel has been surrounded and learning from several masters; constantly learning, growing, and keeping the wisdom flowing. Past masters include philippine healers from the mystic brotherhood, to tibetan monks, and quantum scientists. Recent people that inspire Dr Chamuel include nobel prize nominee, world renown master healer, exorcist, friend: Dennis, and you; for showing up to awaken your divinity.


Some people see him as the physical incarnation of Archangel Chamuel, a Manghihilot Mananambal (philippine healer, sorcerer, and shaman), and even a previous lama. Ultimately, he reminds others that we are all the Divinity embodied. All equal within the Creator. We are infinite consciousness experiencing beyond the so called titles, names, past present future parallel lives, opinions, and things we do; so let those limitations go, but have fun with the paradox if you choose.

Dr Chamuel is here to unlock the unlimited potential and wisdom within you. He has consulted thousands of clients; ranging from single mothers, to movie producers and directors, executives in Fortune 300 businesses, special forces, and royalty to heal and transmute their lives. He collaborates with Native American organizations to support their mission of ancestral revival thru ceremony, education, harmony, and sovereignty.

He loves to co-create with organizations that protect the harmony of earth. Dr Chamuel provides services as a teacher and philanthropist when spirit calls.

Learn the secrets, skills, and strategies with Dr Chamuel to jumpstart and boost your transformation.

Experience the Infinite Made Possible and schedule a consultation now. Blessings to you, and all you see.