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Transformational Events


"I have tried and done everything possible"

I hear this from many clients...

Seeking healing, prosperity, & freedom...

You may have seen countless specialists...

Including many doctors, gurus, & healers...

I am not your guru & I choose not to be.

I am here to ignite and inspire you;

to be Sovereign & authentically you.

To not spiritually bypass with all is love,

but to merge your shadow and light.

Drink of the sacred grail of memories.

Unlock your potential with true alchemy.

And create the Infinite Made Possible.

Are you ready for an epic adventure to purify your life and unlock your energy?

Featuring an immersive in Person or Virtual Retreat.

Join us in Mount Shasta and other sacred vortices around the world in person or virtually to unlock your potential mastery, healing, and manifestation abilities. Schedule your Consultation for Celestial Healings and Exorcisms.


Who is Dr Chamuel?

​Imagine rejuvenating your life and reversing your age; looking younger, feeling energetic, and holistically healthier and wealthier than ever before. Experience life as its meant to be; joyful, full of laughter, community, and love.

Over the past 30+ years, Dr Chamuel has been surrounded and learning from several masters; constantly learning, growing, and keeping the wisdom flowing. Past masters include philippine healers from the mystic brotherhood, to tibetan monks, and quantum scientists. Recent mentors that have inspired Dr Chamuel include nobel prize nominee world renown master healer, exorcist, genius: Dennis Adams, Prime Merlinian master manifestor: Pamela, and financial confidence: with Sifu Dan.

Dr Chamuel loves to share his abilities and wisdom with the next generation of healers, exorcists, and mentors. He has assisted thousands of clients ranging from single mothers, to movie producers and directors, and executives in Fortune 300 businesses; to heal and transform their lives.

Learn the secrets, skills, and strategies with Dr Chamuel to be a living example of transformation, shining as a luminescent light to those you love and care about. Imagine being able to shift your life and inspire your family and friends with the impossible.

Are you tired of unconstitutional mandates and zombies forcing you how to live you life? Unmask your potential and your face; and begin healing your life. Instantly be mentored from the comfort of your home, or choose to Immerse in a Transformational 3 day glow up (in person) @ Mount Shasta.

Experience the Infinite Made Possible and schedule a consultation because your spirit has brought you here.

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"My doctor couldn't believe it! I saw my rheumatologist today for my check up. She said I have zero clinical signs of lupus. She said I look great and it is the best she has ever seen me. I just wanted to thank you and share the news and let you know how much I appreciate you in what you do to help me heal and get better. Thank you."

Dr. Caroline B

Instantly learn and experience from the comfort of your home


At this time, we are only accepting a limited amount of applications per month to access the private services of the Meta Prime Ministry, a private membership association. Apply now to schedule consultations, masterclasses, and celestial exorcisms.

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