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Are you empathic and sensitive around people and environments?

Are you exhausted from parasitic energy vampires?

Have you been energetically attacked by entities or demons?

Like many of you, I grew up very empathic to the energies all around me. Growing up, I experienced sleep paralysis nearly every night for several years. I could see and hear the invisible realms of spirits that tormented me. I was sensitive to the feelings of people in proximity. As I traveled to various locations, spirits of the land would communicate with me.

Lucky for me, my father was a master of the mystic brotherhood, with friends of a wide range of specialties including: healers, exorcists, monks, quantum scientists, special forces, and more. He trained me at a young age in the arts of healing and protection.

Unfortunately, things don’t always end up how we foresee it would. I strayed from the path during earlier years. I remember my father deciding to teach me advanced healing and exorcism techniques on his birthday, as I told him “Teach me tomorrow, I am playing video games right now.” He transitioned that night on 8/26/2006. This became the catalyst for change. From that moment onward, I gave up video games and dedicated my life to mastering my energy and helping people thru what I have learned. For many years after this moment, I was sought out to assist healing the impossible and perform exorcisms where western medicals had no solution.

I have now entered the next phase in my life, where I am now teaching and mentoring others to master their energy and life. Throughout my journey, I have come across many kids and adults that are just as sensitive to energy, but without the guidance that I had growing up. They were run by programs of fear and manipulation within the matrix. I am here to assist people whom are ready to take responsibility of their lives as creators.

Welcome to Cham Jutsu; the art of Celestial Harmony And Mastery. I am not here to give you fortune cookie phrases of just stay positive because it is all love and light. If it were all love and light, we would not be in this situation. Bodhisattvas and embodied masters continue to assist in freeing people from the illusions, suffering, energetic attacks, and unconscious contracts.

We are the prayers that the people have been asking for. We are the masters awakening to whom we really are, infinite consciousness experiencing and creating in this moment. It is time for each of us to claim our sovereignty, freedom, and divinity here and now.

Nothing changes until your perception and actions of yourself changes. Do not rely solely on the next crystal or magical sword to heal and protect you. Can they help? Of course it can, as it is a collaboration of energies with a unified projected intention. Level up the cultivation of energy within your body, psychology, and spirit; then everything becomes even more efficacious. Claim your divinity.

The I AM that you are is the INFINITE ACTIVELY MANIFESTING. I AM that I AM; The living god/goddess presence that flows within you and all of creation. Create from this state of being, knowing, and expressing; then all techniques, rituals, and imbued magical items become quantum moments of miracles.

In the name of the I AM that I AM, the INFINITE ACTIVELY MANIFESTING, One with the Supreme Creator and the Divine Mother. One with the cosmic elementals and builders of form; I command and create forth with the winds of change, the sacred waters, the holy mountain, mother earth, divine lightning, the violet flame, the mist of creation, the multiverse of heavens, and beyond the void. I invoke forth the sacred guardians to shift this space time continuum into the lucid reality of protection, perfection, and divine presence. I create forth the Luminous Sphere swirling as a toroid clockwise and counterclockwise simultaneously as the singularity of light and night to transmute all unbalanced energies, cords, attachments, and contracts known and unknown back into the pure source. I do this according to the divinity that I AM. It is done, it is finished, it is sealed. Alam Lumena.     -Dr Chamuel

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