Private Magi Academy



BE, to Know, to Express, to Experience, to Integrate, to Experience, to Express, to Know, to BE.Respect ALL life, oneself, living love in harmony; tis the key of being loving and free.Un-know what you think you know; to live beyond just going with the flow.Integrate wisdom into daily living; every day thanksgiving and a new beginning.Act with purpose intelligent; intellect and creativity merged with beauty elegant.Efficacy thru Simplicity; tis the way of Mastery.

We are Divine Beings of Intelligence; intuitively guided by a Supreme Creator beyond defined relevance.
We the people, the living spirits beyond, yet of physicality; are the living temple, church, & creators of reality.
Master teachers embody all cultures showing a way; All are elements and hues of the rainbow ray.
Be not attached to any one way or appearing truth; allow yourself to evolve beyond yet growing roots.
The Purpose of life is BEING; all life choices are valid experiences of growth revealing. 
We are beyond all beliefs and definitions; by any religions, philosophies, and institutions.



Love is the way; act upon this every moment and day.
Pure water, food, & environment; manifesting heavens bountiful intent.
Daily energy exercises for longevity; for healing, strength, and flexibility.

Choose your beliefs very wise; to not be lost in self-created lies.
Polish the jewel that you are; removing all beliefs of limiting tar.
The mind is the tool; sharpen this gem to be a luminescent jewel.

Take responsibility for freewill choices; choosing to express love through actions and voices.
The place is here and the only time is now; we have the power to choose experiences we allow.
Be at peace and stillness in the flow; yet flow with excitement joy with movement to go.

Develop your skills; with BEINGNESS and persistence to fulfill.
Be Epic and Seize the moment; that little voice is the only true opponent.
BEING the success and vision you seek; tis the secret given of the technique.

Live your life with authority; utilizing time-energy wisely of priorities.
Cultivate spirit energy, essence, and qi; masterful flowing into holistic synergy.
Be of service for those ready to uplift; those that take responsibility to shift.



If you are here; you seek healing, clarity, and empowerment. Perhaps you are experiencing impossible challenges. You may be here because trusted family and friends have referred you. I am here to tell you, the Divinity within you and all of Creation is guiding you to be here, because you feel the urgency for transformational change.

Dr. Chamuel Bachiller D.D. was trained by his father, a master healer born of the Philippine islands. He has also studied with many other spiritual healers since childhood. Chamuel is highly respected and sought after by filipino communities throughout the United States of America and Philippines. He is recognized by clairvoyants and spiritual communities as an incarnation of the Archangel Chamuel born into the physical form. Although people may say this about him, he does not see himself any more special than anyone else, as everyone is Divine. Chamuel integrates a unique interactive approach of genuine compassion, laughter, and unconventional teaching methods. 

Chamuel will assist those whom are committed to being their best, to achieve the intended results. Enter the Meta Prime Verse, and transcend limitations. The place is HERE, and the time is NOW. The power is yours to create a life of freedom, inner peace, and love. 

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