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You are invited to personally meet the Crystal Skull on October 2022

Activating Your Crystal Clarity

mitchell crystal skull .JPG

Presented by Chamuel and Bill 

Are you ready to meet a real life Indiana Jones and experience ancient relics?

You are personally invited on a date with destiny. Many seek this type of experience for a lifetime. Now is your chance to sit exclusively with the Original Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull.

Imagine activating your crystal clarity in one of the most magikal mountains on earth with world renonwn healers; where heaven meets earth.

The Private Magi Academy is here to share with the chosen few this rare event, as the crystal skull travels on quests and adventures to various locations and filming for documentaries. 


Join our private group in Mt Shasta, and instantly feel your quantum leap of consciousness.

*Limited availability. Reserve your spot now while it lasts.* 

Your Exclusive Retreat


Why join?

  • Once in a lifetime event for many people to meet the Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull physically in magical lands of Mt Shasta.

  • Bring your crystals and jewelry to be energetically charged with the crystal skull.

  • Small intimate setting to connect at a soul level with a limited amount of spots available.

  • Yummy nutritious delicious homemade food.

  • Why not?


  1. Meta Prime Elixir (value $100)

  2. Healing from Dr Chamuel (value $963)

  3. Manifest a Ye Ming Zu: Dragon Egg (value $1000)

  4. Secret Crystal Skull Gift: (value $urprise)

  5. Meet high caliber coherent harmonious hearted and minded community. ($Priceless)