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The Divine Etheric Surgeon

In the span of 19 remarkable years, Dr. Chamuel, a highly skilled etheric psychic surgeon and energetic healer, solidifies his presence as a beacon of transformative healing, steering thousands of clients towards not just recoveries, but truly miraculous transformations. His expertise resonates across diverse realms, impacting the lives of individuals through personalized healing sessions that focus on eliminating negative energy, cleansing auras, and providing psychic surgery when needed. Dr. Chamuel's commitment to removing negative energies extends beyond individual consultations, encompassing the cleansing of homes and creating an overall positive environment for personal growth and well-being.


Who is Dr Chamuel

World healer and exorcist Dr Chamuel, a Doctor of Divinity, has been surrounded and learning from several masters; constantly learning, growing, and keeping the wisdom flowing. Mentors include philippine healers from the mystic brotherhood, to tibetan monks, and physicists. Recent friends that inspire Dr Chamuel include the Langenburg Team, nobel prize nominee, world renown master healer: Dennis, and you; for showing up to awaken your divinity.

Some people see him as the physical incarnation of Archangel Chamuel, a Manghihilot Mananambal (philippine healer, sorcerer, and shaman), and even a previous lama. Ultimately, he reminds others that we are all the Divinity embodied. All equal within the Creator. We are infinite consciousness experiencing beyond the so called titles, names, past present future parallel lives, opinions, and things we do; so let those limitations go, but have fun with the paradox if you choose.

He loves to co-create with organizations that protect the harmony of earth. Dr Chamuel provides services as a teacher and philanthropist when spirit calls.


Embark on a path of wellness and empowerment, where the convergence of ancient wisdom and modern insights takes center stage. Join the journey alongside Dr. Chamuel, who not only shares in the triumphs of individuals but also collaborates with visionaries in the pursuit of holistic well-being.

For more information about Dr. Chamuel and to schedule appointments for consultations and healings, please explore the sections below:

Witness the profound impact of holistic healing under the guidance of Dr. Chamuel, where each session is a transformative step towards a balanced and empowered life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Process of Energy Healing, Exorcisms, and Etheric Surgery?

You are what you think and feel. I am here to facilitate your transformation and spiritual healing using the law of attraction and mindfulness with strategic coaching and implemented action. I will unleash ancient prayers, affirmations, and meditations passed down to me from the mystic brotherhood. Most cases are resolved with 72 hours.

How can I book a session in person?

Mt Shasta is a place of healing and rejuvenation with flowing waterfalls, fresh spring water, vast forests, and life giving prana. You may come to Mt Shasta to see me, or fly me and my team to assist you where you are. If that is currently out of your budget, we have virtual sessions available. In the extreme cases of heavy duty exorcisms and holistic healing, I may have to be physically present to deal with the negative energies.

How can I manifest prosperity and healing?

Nothing changes until you change from within. This is why being held accountable with coaching and mentoring is vital to success. Beginning your day with meditations, visualizations, and affirmations of infinite love and gratitude sets up the momentum for transformation. Make a decision, commit, take massive action, and trust the Divinity.

I cant afford your services, Can we trade?

If you really are committed, there is always a way. Rather than limiting oneself, ask yourself, how can i be creative to make this happen? Being resourceful, persistence, and the ability to adapt are the keys to taking responsibility for your life and making a change. You may get a loan, use a credit card, or depending on what you offer, we may trade.  For young adults and children under the age of 18, I may provide healings and exorcisms for free.

If you’d like more information about our Services, get in touch today.

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